Can you provide a short-term work experience placement for a Year 10 student?

Work Experience Placements

Ensuring our young people have the skills and confidence to enter the work environment is crucially important to both young people and employers. It provides opportunities for young people to learn practical and technical skills, gain confidence, work ethic and inform which direction they want their career to take. At the same time businesses can ‘get in’ early to identify talent and build relationships to assist with future recruitment. Chorley Council is working with schools and businesses to try and increase the number of work experience placements available to local school children and to plan these activities in advance as we know that requests are often ad hoc and last minute. We want meaningful placements that showcase the brilliant businesses we have in Chorley and give our talented young people an opportunity to gain essential skills. If you think you can offer a work experience placement for between 3-5 days, the dates for 2024 are: Tuesday 25th June – Thursday 27th June Monday 15th July – Friday 19th July. Even if the student isn’t really sure about working in your sector, industry etc, it doesn’t matter too much as this is an opportunity to learn about different roles, what it means to work in different environments and to take away employability skills. This is something they can then relate to and draw on when it comes to applying for jobs and subsequent jobs interviews. If you would like to offer a placement or find out more about work experience , please contact Sean Bowman on 01257 515300 or

Support for businesses

We are always here to support existing businesses, start-ups and those relocating to Chorley with their recovery and growth.